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Wednesday Morning Links

Off day weak gruel.

Jennifer Stewart

Well, you've got slim pickings this morning.

Joakim Soria required what I think might have been scented candles and talk therapy from pitching rehab coordinator Keith Comstock to get over his repeated inability to throw pitches.

T.R. Sullivan would like us to know that all of the Rangers love each other especially the young players, and it's totally like a sitcom and A.J. Pierzynski is Costanza. I think.

Gerry Fraley says that Joe Benson has, like, all the tools.

Evan Grant, behind the paywall, says that in a season full of pitching surprises Tanner Scheppers is the suprisingest of all.

Fraley laments Yu Darvish's recent adventures with the gopher ball.

Ron Matejko says that Fraley is just talking crazy talk, and that Darvish is still awesome despite his recent struggles.

Richard Durrett says that if you question Ron Washington's use of Yu Darvish that you need to shut your dirty pie-hole.

Finally, here's a couple of videos of a bobcat and deer horsing around. I have no idea what the story behind that is, it's just awesome.