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Mike Napoli's Return -- Boo or Cheer? (A Poll)

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What do you think the reaction should be when Mike Napoli returns to Texas tonight?

Mike Napoli, Former Texas Ranger
Mike Napoli, Former Texas Ranger
Ezra Shaw

Mike Napoli is returning to Texas tonight as a member of the Boston Red Sox, after two years of being a fan favorite with the Rangers.

The expected reaction of the fans to Napoli has been a topic of conversation the last day or two, and folks in the media have contrasted the hostile reaction that Josh Hamilton got with what is expected to be a very positive reaction when Napoli returns.

So two things here...

First, a will you react (or would you react, if you were at the game) to Napoli tonight when he returns?

And secondly, in the comments, I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on why the reaction to Napoli will likely be so much different to the way Hamilton was treated when he returned. Do you think Napoli deserves to be cheered while Hamilton should have been booed? Or do you think that they should be treated the same?