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David Murphy Sitting For the Fourth Straight Game

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With lefty Felix Doubront starting for the BoSox, David Murphy sits for the fourth straight game

Bob Levey

The Rangers are facing BoSox lefty Felix Doubront today, the fourth lefthander they've faced in their last four outings.

Not coincidentally, David Murphy is sitting today for the fourth straight day.

John Blake tweeted the Rangers' lineup earlier today, and it features Jeff Baker starting in left field in place of Murphy.

Ron Washington has been adamant that he's not platooning Murphy and Baker (or Craig Gentry and Leonys Martin, for that matter). Murphy has gotten off to a brutal start to the season, hitting .174/.232/.293 on the season, including .206/.229/.235 against LHPs.

Mitch Moreland, the other lefthander in the lineup who had been losing some ABs to Baker earlier in the season, has hit better of late, and is currently sporting a .250/.307/.424 line on the year, including a .220/.298/.341 line against LHPs.

I've mentioned before the ideal solution would be to get another RH bench bat to replace Derek Lowe on the roster, so the Rangers could sit Moreland, Murphy and Leonys against LHPs, but that isn't going to happen.

In the meantime, it looks like Murphy, not Moreland, is the one who will sit when a southpaw takes the mound.