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Passan: No International Draft in 2014

Jeff Passan reports that the MLBPA and MLB have not been able to reach an agreement on an international draft for 2014


Jeff Passan reports that an international draft for 2014 won't happen:

Major League Baseball will not implement an international draft for 2014, temporarily allaying fears of those worried one would destroy the vibrant baseball culture in Latin American countries, sources told Yahoo! Sports on Friday.

The league and the MLB Players Association, which had negotiated with a June 1 deadline on putting in place a framework for a draft, are expected to announce Friday they did not reach an agreement.

The Rangers, who have deep inroads in the "vibrant baseball culture" in quite a few of the Latin American countries, were one of the teams who would be expected to suffer from an international draft being implemented, and so this is good news for Rangers fans.

For more info on all this, I'd encourage you to read the Passan article that's linked above, as it spells out the issues pretty succinctly.