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Saturday a.m. Rangers things

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Saturday morning Rangers news and links


We needed that game last night. On the heels of losing four of five, and with the offense looking all funky, a big 7-0 win against Boston is just what the doctor ordered.

Anthony Andro's game story talks about how the Ranger offense, which had been struggling, finally broke out yesterday with a bunch of hits, including quite a few in the clutch, where the team had been having issues.

Jeff Wilson's game story hits on the Rangers' confidence in their ability to snap out of this recent streak being rewarded with a big game yesterday.

T.R. Sullivan's game story notes that, before the big breakthrough last night in the fourth inning, the Rangers were getting a bunch of hits against starter Felix Doubront, but were unable to do much with them for the first three innings.

Todd Wills has his "Rapid Reaction" at the ESPN Dallas blog.

Gerry Fraley writes that Boston is the first good team the Rangers have faced this year, and they brought out the best in the Rangers yesterday.

Andro has a story on the return of Mike Napoli to Texas. Wilson also has a story on the return of Napoli.

Andro had a story that went up before the game about the Rangers not panicking over their failure to score runs of late. That was serendipitous.

Wills has a story about the offense snapping out of its slump yesterday.

The S-T's notes discuss Alexi Ogando's recent starts, Dave Magadan coaching against his old team, the Rangers continuing to want to be aggressive on the basepaths, and Lance Berkman talking about Roy Oswalt.

Sullivan's notes hit on Magadan talking about the offense, David Murphy wanting to get back into the starting lineup, Napoli's return, and the Rangers facing Scott Feldman on Monday.