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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

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The latest news and notes on the new best team in the American League

Totally jealous of Leonys
Totally jealous of Leonys


I don't know that I could think up a better scenario than Adrian Beltre driving in Elvis Andrus in a walk-off win to sweep the Boston Red Sox in a game where Yu Darvish K'd 14 dudes and Joe Nathan picked up the win. Those are essentially all of my favorite people.

Todd Wills has the Rapid Reaction to the Rangers' 4-3 victory over the formerly best team in the American League Boston Red Sox.

In a special to, Jim Reeves writes the game story on the Rangers' first walk-off win of the season. Reeves writes that the Rangers have flirted with having an ace over their 40 plus years (a temporary Fergie Jenkins here, an aging Nolan Ryan there, a fleeting Kevin Brown, a half-season of Cliff Lee), but now they have one to call their own in Yu Darvish.

Drew Davison recaps the game and makes sure to note that Beltre was able to make the Red Sox eventually pay for pitching around Lance Berkman to face him.

Or, as Wills writes, the Red Sox just gave Beltre all the more motivation to beat a former team and make sure their plan backfired.

Gil LeBreton writes that, in any language, Darvish is indeed an ace. Be it English, Japanese, or the language of baseball, throwing 127 pitches while striking out 14 hitters, against a tough offense and the previously hottest team in baseball, is something a true No. 1 starter does.

Behind the DMN paywall, Gerry Fraley writes that Yu Darvish's first-inning struggles is another mark of an ace as you often have to get to the best pitchers early. Fraley adds that Darvish showed big heart in addition to his big arm yesterday.

Jean-Jacques Taylor jumps on the Yu Darvish Ace Train and follows that Yu's emotional outburst after striking out Pedro Ciriaco to end the 7th inning was as rare as his talent.

Anthony Andro writes that in sweeping a previously red hot Boston team one could argue that the best team in baseball resides in Texas. (And no, it isn't the Astros.)

Behind the DMN paywall, Kevin Sherrington offers this offseason-complaint mea culpa:

Frankly, you shouldn't be shocked by the Rangers anymore. Jon Daniels made a lot of mistakes early in his career as general manager, and apparently he used up his supply. He didn't panic when his starters went down this spring, despite my best suggestions. Now he still has plenty of material for a trade he can make from a position of strength instead of desperation. From now on, if I want to argue with someone who's always right, I'll just talk to my wife.'s Jason Mastrodonato previews tonight's make-up game in Chicago against the Cubs which pits former Rangers maniac Scott Feldman against his younger, stronger, faster version in Nick Tepesch.

Reeves handles the Notebook and writes that Berkman could be sitting the next few days in NL parks, David Murphy feeling better after a stomach virus, Nathan's usage, and other items.

Davison's notes tackle Tepesch and the Rangers' pitching depth, A.J. Pierzynski talking his way into the lineup, the successes of Tanner Scheppers and Robbie Ross in late-inning relief, and other notes.

Gauche 2013 Update:

Ken Rosenthal writes that even though Mike Scioscia and the Angels will always love each other, maybe they're not in love with each other anymore. And maybe it's gotten to that point where they shouldn't stay together just for the kids.

And then there's this article on the DMN website which is basically needling Josh Hamilton via a Richard Justice tweet about the lack of green grass on the other side.