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Wednesday Morning Links

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Oh, god, last night was awful, let's laugh at Otis Nixon.


Hey, look over there! It's Otis Nixon!

Eh, I thought laughing at the misfortune of others would help me forget about the last two nights. It did. A little.

Justin Grimm, David Murphy and Nelson Cruz all contributed to last night's loss with fielding fail in the first. T.R. Sullivan has an "aside from that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln" moment by noting that Grimm followed up the terrible first with four scoreless innings. Gerry Fraley notes that Adrian Beltre is an excellent defender and everything else last night sucked. Sahadev Sharma has some rapid reactions.

Oh, god, enough of that, let's go back to laughing at the misfortunes of others. Jon Daniels says that Josh Hamilton is not the type to study hours of videotape or obsess over his mechanics, to which the Rangers pitching staff, I'm sure, is eternally grateful.

In that same Daniels interview, we learn that Nolan Ryan and Jon Daniels have the same relationship they've always had, that Jurickson Profar is being cursed by lofty expectations from fans, and that Mike Olt has eye gremlins and being a professional athlete still doesn't get you in to see a specialist quickly.

Berkman won't be starting during interleague play, not that there's anything wrong with that.

Pierzynski doesn't want to go on the D.L. unless "they have a three day one."

T.R. Sullivan's notes column discusses Olt and Buckel (ugh), Martin Perez getting close to coming off the DL, and Berkman being super-excited about yelling nonsense baseball cliches from the bench during interleague play.

Speaking of being super-excited about yelling nonsense baseball cliches from the bench, Julio Borbon is glad to be a Cub.

All of you that delighted in Saltalamacchia's yips are to blame for Cody Buckel's 2013.

Sahadev Sharma has a notes column about how two Rangers' prospects are being punished because you keep touching yourself.

Ron Washington says he's a fan of interleague play and that he likes playing with NL rules.

Finally, we should be enforcing planetwide EM emission discipline, because E.T. is out there listening and we're sending them Snooki.