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The 2013 Spokane Indians Roster

20 players have been announced as being assigned to the roster of the Spokane Indians

Jamie Jarmon and Collin Wiles are among those assigned to Spokane
Jamie Jarmon and Collin Wiles are among those assigned to Spokane
Rick Yeatts

The Rangers have announced that they have assigned 20 players to the roster of the Spokane Indians. They are:


Richard Alvarez

Eric Brooks

Abdel de los Santos

Josh McElwee

Alex de la Cruz

Yohander Mendez

Ryne Slack

Collin Wiles

Mike Zouzalik

Kyle Castro


Brandon Garcia


Cam Schiller

Gabriel Roa

Janluis Castro

Alberto Triunel

Will Ireton


Christopher Garia

Saquan Johnson

Hirotoshi Onaka

Jamie Jarmon

The most intriguing names on this list are Wiles and Jarmon, who were high picks from the 2012 draft class, and Mendez, an 18 year old pitcher from Venezuela whom the Rangers signed for $1.5 million in 2011.

I expect, of the draft picks the Rangers have announced having signed, that Joe Jackson, Sam Wolff, Jose Samayoa, Derek Thompson, and Ryan Ledbetter will be assigned to Spokane. Chi Chi Gonzalez and David Ledbetter also are likely to be assigned to Spokane once their signings are announced, although Gonzalez could end up starting in Hickory or Myrtle Beach, if the Rangers choose to be aggressive with him.