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Joey Gallo With 3 HR, 14 TB Game Tonight

Joey Gallo explodes for a huge night against former Ranger draft pick Matt Purke

Rick Yeatts

The past week has generated a bunch of discussion about the Rangers' 2013 draft class, but the crown jewel of the team's 2012 draft class wants to make sure you're not overlooking him.

Joey Gallo is 4 for 4 today for the low-A Hickory Crawdads, with a 3 home runs and a double. As I'm posting this, it is still just the top of the 7th inning, so Gallo could end up having a fifth plate appearance tonight.

The double and two of Gallo's homers have come off of former Ranger first rounder Matt Purke. The third homer came off of reliever Bryan Harper.

Gallo, a supplemental first round pick of the Rangers in 2012, now has 18 homers on the season.

We'll update this post later on tonight once we know whether Gallo makes it back to the plate again and, if he does hit again, what the outcome is.

UPDATE -- It was a 7 inning game because it was the first game of a DH, so that was Gallo's last at bat of the game, dangit.