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Wednesday Morning Links

Rangers discover that David Murphy is the ancient Baylor god of injury.

The MLBPA advises that you not allow this man to date your daughter.
The MLBPA advises that you not allow this man to date your daughter.
Rick Yeatts

Well, me and Bradstick uniting with Wondertwin powers wasn't enough to awesome Derek Holland to a win (Brad took the form of an Excel spreasheet, I took the form of Elvis Andrus' missing gap power).

Jeff Wilson recaps the game, saying that Holland started off strong but went wobbly. T.R. Sullivan notes that the offense didn't do Holland any favors. Michael Florek at the DMN tells us that Derek Holland rated his performance as "terrible," though the primary difference between 2012 Derek Holland and 2013 Derek Holland is that he did not follow that pronouncement by throwing a bucket of confetti in the reporters' faces and then squirting water out of a novelty flower pinned to his lapel. Randy Jennings of ESPN Dallas has his rapid reactions, to which I add my own: egads, the bottom of the order is terrible.

Speaking of last night's terrible offensive showing, Anthony Andro says that Ian Kinsler wants to take batting practice tomorrow, one of the last steps before starting a rehab assignment.

Jeff Wilson's notes column discusses Ian Kinsler's rehab, Mitch Moreland hoping to be activated June 21, and includes some quotes from Ron Washington about Josh Lindblom that are curiously devoid of any bland, self-esteem fluffing praise.

T.R. Sullivan's notes column discusses Josh Lindblom staying in the rotation, Beltre not being 100%, and Soto being a big Ivan Rodriguez fan.

In case you missed it, and Lord knows I have no idea why you wouldn't have, Nolan Ryan was on Galloway's showand said, among other things, that he would love to make a trade deadline deal but doesn't know if Jon Daniels will let him (rimshot!).

The DMN also quotes Keith Law as giving the organization a solid grade on this year's draft.

Elvis Andrus answered questions from Ranger fans on Twitter yesterday.

Evan Grant says that Nick Tepesch isn't concerned about possibly tipping his pitches.

A.J. Pierzynski was the top vote-getter for "player you'd least like your daughter to marry" in an anonymous poll of MLB players. The Rangers ranked behind the Yanks and Braves as teams players would take less money to play for.

Finally, because I can't get enough sinkholes, here's a bunch of them.