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Profar at shortstop, Baker at second base tonight

Ron Washington shakes up the lineup for tonight's rubber match against Cleveland

Jeff Baker
Jeff Baker

You want Jurickson Profar hitting leadoff? You got Jurickson Profar hitting leadoff.

Ron Washington is giving Elvis Andrus a day off today, and as a result, Jurickson Profar is playing shortstop and leading off. Also of note is that, even though a righthander is on the mound for Cleveland, Jeff Baker, not Leury Garcia, is starting at second base. Baker has more major league appearances in the field at second base than at any other position, but this is only his fifth start against a righthander this season, and this will be his first inning of the season at second base.

Leury Garcia, who is sporting a .176/.222/.216 line on the year and who had a bad baserunning gaffe last night, is not playing. After not starting for a week and a half, Garcia had started three of the last four games, but has not been good in the field or at the plate -- his last hit was on May 27, and since going 3 for 6 on May 12, Leury is 3 for 30 with a .100/.156/.100 slash line. Baker starting in this situation would seem to speak volumes about Ron Washington's confidence level in Garcia, and it wouldn't surprise me if Garcia ends up being sent down to AAA before too long.

The full lineup:

Profar -- SS

Murphy -- LF

Berkman -- DH

Beltre -- 3B

Pierzynski -- C

Cruz -- RF

Baker -- 2B

McGuiness -- 1B

Leonys -- CF