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38-27 - Cleveland Rocks Rangers: Texas Loses Game, Series, My Respect

If the Rangers' offense isn't careful, they might make people wonder if The Ballpark is actually a pitchers' park

Michael Bourn's impression of the Rangers' offense
Michael Bourn's impression of the Rangers' offense

And so, for a third consecutive start, the Rangers scored two or fewer runs for Nick Tepesch. Then again, Tepesch allowed all five Indian runs before the end of the 5th inning so it's not like he was terribly deserving of the offense exerting itself. What came first, the undercooked chicken or the rotten egg?

The Rangers somehow managed to lose a home series to an Indians team that had lost their previous seven games beforehand.

Player of the Game: Jurickson Profar had some good at-bats from the leadoff spot.