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High Five Injures Jeff Baker, Who Is Out Tonight

Jeff Baker sits against a lefty because he sprained his thumb on a high five


Jeff Baker is out of the lineup tonight, and per Jeff Wilson on Twitter, it is because he sprained his thumb on a high five last night.

As a result, despite lefthander Mark Buehrle starting for the Blue Jays, Baker is out of the lineup. Ian Kinsler is on a rehab assignment and is expected to be activated from the disabled list in the next few days, so if Baker has to go to the d.l., Kinsler could take his place on the active roster.

The lineup tonight for Texas:

Profar -- 2B

Elvis -- SS

Berkman -- DH

Beltre -- 3B

Cruz -- RF

Soto -- C

McGuiness -- 1B

Gentry -- CF

Leonys -- LF

Remember how I said earlier today I'd like to see Leonys get some of the starts against lefties than David Murphy has been getting? Well, there you go. This is Leonys's first start against a LHP this season.