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More Lineup Shakeups: Elvis Sitting, A.J. Hitting Third

The Rangers continue to juggle their lineup to get regulars rest while giving Jurickson Profar playing time


The Rangers have another unusual lineup today, which features Elvis Andrus on the bench, Nelson Cruz DHing, and Lance Berkman playing 1B. The lineup:

Kinsler -- 2B

Profar -- SS

Pierzynski -- C

Beltre -- 3B

Berkman -- 1B

Cruz -- DH

Murphy -- LF

Gentry -- CF

Leonys -- RF

It isn't often you see the 1B, DH and OFs in the bottom five slots. And having Berkman hit fifth, rather than third, where he's been most of the season, while Pierzynski is hitting third is unexpected.

Yu Darvish is on the mound tonight.