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Wednesday Morning Links

God tires of punishing Josh Hamilton for being disobedient, begins punishing Rangers for being awesome

Rick Yeatts

Anthony Andro's postgame story says that Monday's output was just the death throes of a Moreland-less offense. Jeff Wilson highlights a dubious achievement on the part of the Rangers starting rotation, who have yet to record a win in June. T.R. Sullivan's postgame story tells us that the offense was bad, but Yu Darvish didn't help himself, either. Evan Grant has some postgame thoughts, including "Yu Darvish can't figure out the A's" and "OH GOD NO PLEASE WHY." Todd Wills has his rapid reactions and a postgame story on Darvish's month-long slump.

Ready for some more good news? Alexi Ogando is still feeling the cold embrace of death or inflammation in his shoulder or something. Joakim Soria, at least, is progressing and is expected to begin a rehab assignment in Frisco soon until such time as a complex calamity straight out of a Final Destination movie derails his recovery once again.

Speaking of complex calamities from a Final Destination movie, Jeff Baker's ill-executed high five has landed him on the DL and Chris McGuiness was deemed "too hot for the Majors" and is being optioned back to his home planet of Krypton.

Jurickson Profar obviously missed his calling as a practitioner of trauma medicine, as his reaction to Ian Kinsler's face injury proves. Ian Kinsler is a gritty, gaming, hustler, though and finished out the game after a comically slow Darvish warmup bought time for a hasty stitch job in between innings.

Joey Gallo's minor league home run derby contest win has been rated NC-17.

T.R. Sullivan has a notes column that's chock full of good news, including Alexi Ogando's slow rehab, Lance Berkman getting two games off, Martin Perez staying in the minors for the time being because everything is going so swell with the big club, and Jeff Baker's DL stint.

Todd Wills also has a notes column where we learn that Nick Tepesch will be getting at least one more start, among other things.

Finally, I went through a phase where I read about a bunch of mountaineering disasters, notably K2: Triumph and Tragedy and Into Thin Air. I came across the story of the Dyatlov Pass Incident the other day, and thought it was pretty interesting.