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Adrian Beltre, Elvis Andrus not starting today -- UPDATE: Andrus starting after all

Both Adrian Beltre and Elvis Andrus are out of the lineup for the Rangers today


When Yu Darvish takes the mound today against the Kansas City Royals, the only one of the team's usual starting infielders who will be behind him will be first baseman Mitch Moreland.

Second baseman Ian Kinsler, of course, is on the disabled list. Third baseman Adrian Beltre had his hamstring tighten up on him yesterday, and he's getting the day off. And shortstop Elvis Andrus is also getting the day off.

Jeff Baker will be playing third base, with Leury Garcia at second base and Jurickson Profar at shortstop.

The lineup:

Profar Elvis -- SS

Murphy -- LF

Berkman -- DH

Cruz -- RF

Moreland -- 1B

Baker -- 3B

Soto -- C

Gentry -- CF

Garcia Profar -- 2B

UPDATE -- Anthony Andro just tweeted that Elvis Andrus says he's talked his way into the lineup. If that's the case, expect Elvis to hit leadoff, with Profar dropping down to 9th and playing 2nd.

UPDATE II -- John Blake just confirmed Elvis is leading off, Profar is hitting 9th.