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Adam Wainwright is Mad

Adam Wainwright was not happy about being lifted yesterday


Adam Wainwright was pulled last night with two outs in the 7th inning after having allowed a run scoring single to Leonys Martin that tied the game.

Reliever Trevor Rosenthal then came out, allowed Jurickson Profar to reach on an error, then gave up a single to Ian Kinsler that drove in what was ultimately the game winning run.

Wainwright was not happy that he got lifted:

The St. Louis Cardinals ace strenuously objected to being pulled before Ian Kinsler's go-ahead hit that helped the Texas Rangers complete a soggy three-game interleague sweep with a 2-1 victory Sunday night.

Hearing manager Mike Matheny's assessment that he'd been "laboring" and that it had been "two pretty stressful innings in a row" got Wainwright even hotter.

"He's wrong," Wainwright said after missing a chance to become the National League's first 11-game winner. "You don't want to call your manager out and I would never do that. Laboring is not what I was doing."

* * *

"If you think I'm laboring because I went into deep counts, I went into deep counts all day," Wainwright said. "Made good pitches. That's his opinion."

* * *

He wouldn't say whether he confronted Matheny in the dugout.

I don't really have anything to say about this, but thought it was interesting and worth sharing.