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Wednesday Morning Links

Ichiro hits winning home run (because of course he did)

Jason Szenes

Jeff Wilson's recap focuses on Leonys Martin's first two-homer game as a major leaguer, and, sadly, Yu Darvish's first three-homer game as a major leaguer. T.R. Sullivan's recap points out that dong-prone Yu Darvish has now gone seven starts since his last win on May 16, which was the game Darvish threw 130 pitches. Mike Mazzaeo has his rapid reactions and a postgame story about Tanner Scheppers taking ownership of the loss.

Wilson has a notes column where Nelson Cruz says he hasn't spoken to MLB investigators yet, Jon Daniels says he can't try to acquire a potential Cruz replacement based on media reports, and Washington says that Jurickson Profar didn't get to play in St. Louis because it's a National League park and won't play until Thursday because "screw you, that's why."

Jeff Wilson says that Jon Daniels is taking a patient approach to the trade market, which is totally crazy because everyone knows the way to deliver value is by making ill-informed and rash decisions. Just ask Jim Bowden.

T.R. Sullivan's notes column discusses Lance Berkman returning to the lineup after a four game hiatus, Jon Daniels planning on Nellie Cruz playing the full season, and Ron Washington saying he's trying really hard to get Profar in the lineup (Sullivan does not specify if Washington was making "air quotes" when he said that).

Behind the paywall, Evan Grant wonders if all those dongs last night will be a wakeup call for Darvish.

Grant also writes that Daniels wants to wait on starters to return from injury and are not ready to get all trade-happy just yet.

Here's a story about Derek Holland wanting to have a good time at a concert and then realizing he's at a Counting Crows show.

Finally, good news! Apparently, eliminating mosquitoes from the face of the earth would have no negative consequences whatsoever!