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Engel Beltre, Jurickson Profar in the starting lineup

Jurickson Profar starts for the first time in a week, and Engel Beltre starts (in the majors) for the first time ever


The Rangers have announced their starting lineups for today, and not only is Jurickson Profar starting for the first time in a week -- at third base, in place of Adrian Beltre, who is today's DH -- but Engel Beltre is getting his first ever major league start.

The lineup:

Kinsler -- 2B

Elvis -- SS

Cruz -- RF

A. Beltre -- DH

Moreland -- 1B

Soto -- C

Murphy -- LF

Profar -- 3B

E. Beltre -- CF

Derek Holland is pitching for the Rangers. Phil Hughes is the Yankees' starter.

Its a noon start, so be ready.