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The 2013 Texas Rangers Draft Guessing Game

Who do you think the Rangers will pick tomorrow?

Daniels, Levine and Sunny
Daniels, Levine and Sunny

In 2011, the Texas Rangers had the #33 pick in the draft and the #37 pick in the draft, both picks they received as compensation for the Phillies signing Cliff Lee (Texas had lost its own first rounder for signing Adrian Beltre).

In advance of the draft, we did a contest where LSBers could guess who the Rangers would draft at #33 and #37. The Rangers completely screwed up our contest by selecting Zach Cone and Kevin Matthews, who no one had guessed and who most of us had never heard of, with those two picks.

Since I don't learn from my mistakes, we're going to try this again. The Rangers have the 23rd and 30th overall picks in tomorrow's first round, and we're going to have a contest where everyone can make their guesses about who Texas will pick. When you make your guess, list which player will go at #23, and which player will go at #30.

There will be no prizes given out, or anything. This is just for bragging rights.

And I'll go ahead and guess Cody Reed at #23 and Travis Demeritte at #30.

Make your picks below...