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Rangers sign 19 y.o. Omarlin Lopez for $825,000

With time ticking down to use or lose their 2012-13 J-2 bonus pool money, the Rangers have made their biggest signing of the period


Per Ben Badler, the Texas Rangers have signed 19 year old amateur free agent Omarlin Lopez to an $825,000 deal.

Lopez, a Dominican whose signing makes him part of the 2012-13 J-2 class, is the Rangers' top signing, dollar-wise, from this class. The Rangers largely sat out last summer's J-2 class after signing Jairo Beras to a $4.5 million deal the previous winter, which Jon Daniels said ate most of their international budget. This signing will not impact the Rangers' bonus pool for the 2013 J-2 period, which starts on July 2, 2013.

Everything I know about Lopez is from the linked article, so if you're interested in knowing about him, just click the link. He's listed at 6'3", 180 lbs., and is a former shortstop who is a recent convert to pitching. He had previously agreed to a deal with the Colorado Rockies, but it fell apart because of a controversy over his age.