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New Law and Callis Mock Drafts out

Keith Law and Jim Callis have new mocks up for the first round of the MLB Draft, taking place later today

Mark Appel -- will he go #1?
Mark Appel -- will he go #1?
Melina Vastola-US PRESSWIRE

Both Jim Callis and Keith Law have new mock drafts out this morning. They are split at the top of the draft, with Law having Mark Appel going #1, while Callis has Jonathan Gray going #1.

As far as the Rangers go, Callis has prep pitcher Phil Bickford going to Texas at #23, and Georgia shortstop Travis Demeritte going at #30.

Law has Demeritte going to Texas at #23, and prep pitcher Kyle Serrano at #30, though he says the Rangers at 30 is the pick he knows the least about.

Neither has Florida high school shortstop Oscar Mercado going in the first round, and that's a name to be watching for, because he's someone the Rangers have supposedly been watching closely for a while. I'd be surprised if the Rangers let Mercado slide all the way out of the first round.

The draft is tonight, and so we'll know before the end of the night what the Rangers end up doing with their two first round picks.