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36-24 - Rogers, Blue Jays Too Much for Rangers at Rogers Centre

We knew this stretch was going to be difficult for the Rangers and this game did nothing to change our minds about that

When things were good
When things were good

It sort of made sense last time out when the Rangers only mustered a lone run off of James Shields to support Nick Tepesch. I mean, it's James Shields. The Rangers never do much against James Shields. But tonight, against four innings of Esmil Rogers and then what amounted to a bullpen night for the Blue Jays, the Rangers could only tally a single first inning run while striking out 13 times on the evening.

Frankly, one run seems like a miracle in retrospect.

Tepesch had some of his best stuff of the season, however, pitching while knowing he wouldn't see another Ranger run cross the plate, one bad stretch in the 6th inning was all it took for the Blue Jays to put the game well out of reach.

Player of the Game: Does Youppi ever hang out at Blue Jays games?