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Bovada Sees Texas as #2 Choice in A.L.

The latest odds have been released by Bovada, and they think the Rangers have the second best chance of getting to the World Series out of the American League

Rick Yeatts

Bovada has released their latest baseball odds, and as of right now, the Rangers are considered the second-best bet in the American League to make it to the 2013 World Series.

The Detroit Tigers are 7:2 favorites to win the American League pennant, but the Rangers currently have the second-best odds, at 11:2. Boston and Oakland are both at 6:1, the Orioles are 7:1, and the Blue Jays are at 15:2. Bovada has the Tigers as the favorites to win the World Series, at 13:2, with St. Louis next at 15:2, then Atlanta at 8:1. Boston and Texas are both at 11:1.

The Rangers are 4:5 favorites to win the A.L. West, with Oakland at even money, Los Angeles at 9:1, the Mariners at 150:1, and the Astros at 1000:1.

The Rangers also have a couple of pitchers listed as possible Cy Young winners. Yu Darvish is tied with Clay Buchholz for the second-best odds at 4:1, behind favorite Max Scherzer, who is at 7:4. Joe Nathan, meanwhile, is among a group that includes Chris Sale, Alex Cobb and Mariano Rivera at 25:1.