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Wednesday Morning Links

Yu Darvish does not appreciate mortals criticizing his pitch selection


As the philosopher Ebby Calvin Laloosh once said, "I love winning man... it's better than losing."

Jeff Wilson's postgame story tells us that Adrian Beltre's hot bat and Martin Perez's cool head propelled the Rangers to victory, with Martin Perez being promoted to "rookie pitcher with poise" now that Nick Tepesch has been put on the D.L. Perez's poise also gets a mention in T.R. Sullivan's recap, as Perez shaking off bad defense to escape the fifth with a lead was pivotal. Jeff Seidel at ESPN has his rapid reactions and a postgame story about Adrian Beltre being awesome.

Jeff Wilson has a notes column that focuses on Colby Lewis' slow rehab and on the glaring need for another righthanded bat, particularly with Nelson Cruz sitting beneath the Syringe of Damocles.

T.R. Sullivan has a puff piece on Tanner Scheppers that features more product placement than an Adam Sandler movie. I gather that Scheppers is succeeding because his fastball has more bite than a Taco Bell Doritos Locos Taco and has been featured on because it's so money.

Sullivan's notes column discusses the need for a righthanded power bat and starting pitching, noting that the Rangers have been interested in Matt Garza for a a while and that middle-of-the-order hitters are rarely available this time of year.

Evan Grant, behind the paywall, says that Adrian Beltre can't be the Rangers' only righthanded power bat.

Yu Darvish is irritated with the American media criticizing his pitch selection, and points out that his ERA since May is nearly identical to his ERA before but that he's getting King Felix levels of run support.

Manny Ramirez channels Richard Gere's "I have nowhere else to go" An Officer and a Gentleman scenery-chewing, telling reporters "Why do you think I'm here? I don't have anything else to do."

The big news yesterday was the ESPN story (warning: annoying autoplay) indicating that as many as twenty players could be facing suspensions in the wake of the Biogenesis investigation. had a similar writeup.

Finally, I was talking to Adam the other day about a piece Joel Stein did for Time magazine in the late 90's about shopping with Leonardo Dicaprio and how much I liked it. Here's Stein describing how that story came about.