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Thursday Morning Links

Well, so that happened.


Ron Washington has never seen a game that wouldn't be improved by a Robbie Ross appearance.

Jeff Wilson's postgame story has a "Mussolini ran the trains on time" vibe to it, noting that Lindblom gave up 6 runs and threw 119 pitches, but at least the bullpen only had to throw 1 2/3's. T.R. Sullivan is less rosy in his recap, choosing to focus on a starting rotation that has poorer longevity than the heirs of Winterfel. Jeff Seidel at ESPN Dallas lays down some rapid reactions but they're all spit takes.

Jeff Wilson has a notes column, wherein we learn that Jurickson Profar's diving catch in the outfield last Saturday was just blind luck and some sorcery and that the Rangers have a plan if Cruz is suspended.

I hope you like replacement level pitching, because Yu Darvish is going on the DL. The organization says the injury isn't serious and Darvish is only expected to miss one start.

Nelson Cruz isn't going to let questions about Biogenesis distract from the real purpose of the All Star game: a celebration of baseball's storied history, from scuffed balls and greenies to banning black ballplayers.

Ian Kinsler thinks the definition of insanity is not "doing the same thing and expecting different results," but "not running into outs on the bases."

Evan Grant says that Jason Frasor is turning into a reliable reliever, which means we are mere weeks from watching Ron Washington ride his arm to fiery destruction like Slim Pickens in Doctor Strangelove.

Yu Darvish voted 25 times for Tanner Scheppers' All Star bid, probably with a heart-shaped holepunch.

T.R. Sullivan's notes column says that Nelson Cruz's feelings aren't hurt about not being invited to participate in the home run derby and also has some nonsense about Japanese bows after hits.

Jon Daniels says his best trade deadline deal is a tie between the Atlanta blockbuster deal and the Cliff Lee, and that his worst trade deadline deal was sending Chris Davis to Baltimore.