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Wednesday Morning Links

Last night was the All Star game, which lasted three and a half episodes of Black is the New Orange.


Oh, hey, there was a silly exhibition game last night!

Joe Nathan got the save that secured a homefield advantage for the good guys. T.R. Sullivan's postgame story quotes Nelson Cruz putting an apple on Bud Selig's desk, saying "the All Star game is more important than people think." Todd Wills has his rapid reactions, which surprisingly consist of more than just "whatevs." He also has a postgame story about Joe Nathan's save and Mariano Rivera's swan song.

Richard Durrett takes a look at potential trade targets Jake Peavy and Chris Sale. Spoiler alert: Chris Sale is available for a bottle of unicorn farts and a handie from George H.W. Bush.

It looks like if you were holding Lance Berkman in the "which geriatric will provide replacement level production at DH after the All Star break" sweepstakes you are a winner... Manny will be in Round Rock.

Cliff Lee isn't worried about trade rumors swirling about him because the minor league rapist depth chart is looking pretty thin right now.

Yu Darvish was scratched from last night's game with an injury but says it's no big deal... he just thinks the All Star game is stupid.

Gerry Fraley says that the Biogenesis mess may drag into the fall, in which case we'll only lose Nelson Cruz to an inevitable hamstring injury and not to a drug dealer with poor information security.

Finally, here's Jay and Mike over at RedLetterMedia giving their thoughts on Grownups 2.