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Thursday Morning Links

The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Season nears its end

Drew Hallowell

Colby Lewis had a rehab start last night. Going by results he did awful, but he says he felt great so maybe he was trying to give up four runs in almost three innings of work. Fraley says the fastball averaged 86 mph and topped out at 89, but his elbow better so at least it was a pain-free shellacking.

In "always a bridesmaid never a bride" news, Goose Gossage says he enjoyed his time with the Rangers, but the Yankees were awesome.

The Rangers' second half plan is to get healthy and stay healthy. I'm kind of upset that that wasn't the first half plan.

T.R. Sullivan also covers the second half plan to health our way to a division title.

Rick George apparently doesn't share my views of the value of college.

Pudge will be inducted into the Rangers Hall of Fame in an on-field ceremony this Saturday.

Richard Durrett looks at trade targets Kenrys Morales and Raul Ibanez.