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Reports: Garza to Texas trade hits "snag"

Various reports indicate that, after seemingly being close to a deal, the Rangers and the Cubs have hit a snag on a potential Matt Garza to Texas trade

Brian Kersey

Throughout the day, indications were that the Rangers and the Cubs were making headway on a potential Matt Garza trade. One writer wrote that it was "99% done," and multiple individuals were saying that the teams were trading medical information on the players who would be involved.

Now, however, both Jeff Passan and Jon Heyman have tweeted that the discussions have hit a "snag," and while the teams are apparently continuing to negotiate, the Cubs are reportedly also investigating other possible deals for Garza.

Its important to keep in mind that there is a lot of disinformation out there, and teams leak rumors to reporters because they think it will benefit them. The Cubs, for example, could be telling people that a deal is close and that the Rangers are giving up a significant package in order to try to pressure other suitors to step up and sweeten their offers.

Among the players who have been discussed as possibly going to the Cubs are third baseman Mike Olt, shortstop Leury Garcia, and pitchers Neil Ramirez, Luke Jackson and C.J. Edwards. The Rangers have reportedly been adamant that Martin Perez will not be dealt, which makes sense, since dealing Perez for Garza would still leave the Rangers with a hole in their rotation.