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Wednesday Morning Links

This morning's links are a game-recap-free zone.


That was a pretty demoralizing loss.

Jeff Wilson takes a look at the rotation post-Garza and pronounces it salty. Evan Grant says that Neil Ramirez is likely heading to Chicago to complete the trade. Gerry Fraley quotes Jon Daniels to the effect that the organization is comfortable with the risk of the Garza deal. And the FWST has a roundup of Ranger player reactions to the Garza trade, and they all think it's swell.

Mariano Rivera met with members of the Rangers ground crew and other ballpark employees as part of his farewell tour.

Drew Davison has a notes column that talks about Matt Garza, and how there are still no definitive answers on the Nelson Cruz situation.

T.R. Sullivan has a notes column where we learn that Harrison and Lewis are slowly but surely working their way back to the rotation and that, mirabile dictu!, Ron Washington fully supports Nelson Cruz in his current troubles.

Richard Durrett looks at potential trade target Hunter Pence.

Todd Wills has a notes column that focuses primarily on the rotation working its way back from horrifying to awesome.

Here's T.R. Sullivan's recap.

Finally, here's a fairly long and interesting interview with George R.R. Martin.