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LSB Midseason Community Prospect Ranking: #10 (Try 2)

Mazara is 9!


With the trade, I figured take the now ineligible off the list, bump everyone else up one, and give the last poll to Mazara, who while he finished lower than Edwards, still got 33% of the vote.

1. Jorge Alfaro, C (67%)
2. Joey Gallo, 3B (30%)
3. Nick Williams, OF (25%)
4. Ronald Guzman, 1B (37%)
5. Lewis Brinson, OF (21%)
6. Luke Jackson, RHP (25%)
7. Luis Sardinas, SS (27%)
8. Rougned Odor, 2B (33%)
9. Nomar Mazara, OF (33%)

Spreadsheet (stats accurate as of July 5th for last year's Top 30)