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Passan: Don't expect Manny in the majors

If you were hoping for Manny Ramirez to come up this season and make an impact, Jeff Passan says you're going to be disappointed


Jeff Passan has a piece up at Yahoo! Sports about Manny Ramirez, and the upshot of it is that Manny is unlikely to be called up by the Rangers, at least before the September roster expansion date.

Passan says that, per major league sources, the Rangers aren't planning on calling Ramirez up "anytime soon," and has the following summary of where Ramirez is:

"This isn't Manny Ramirez," said one scout who recently saw Ramirez. "This is a 41-year-old still trying to play baseball and not doing it very well."

in 2011 after a positive PED test left him facing a 100-game suspension. A comeback with the Oakland A's last season fizzled out in Triple-A, and scouts expect the same this time around. Though Ramirez has proven no trouble on or off the field, one evaluator said his "bat looked slow" and another said "he's not ready to help anyone right now."

For those folks who take the view that, well, Manny can't be any worse than who we are using right now...yes, he can. he has a .250/.318/.417 line in AAA right now to go with the negative scouting reports. That slash line is worse than what Robinson Chirinos and Chris McGuiness have done for Round Rock this season. And we all know how Chirinos and McGuiness fared in the majors.

Yes, the Rangers clearly need a righthanded bat. And yes, they are probably at least thinking about any and all available options, including Michael Young, as Jon Heyman reported.

But Manny probably isn't that guy. Young probably isn't that guy. Alex Rios may be that guy, or Kendrys Morales, or someone else. Or the Rangers may see the July 31 deadline come and go without making a move.