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Wilson: Manny Ramirez isn't walking through that door

Jeff Wilson writes that Manny Ramirez isn't expected to be called up by the Rangers


Remember this video?

Rick Pitino - "Walking Through That Door" Press Conference (via JazzBasketball1)

Well, to borrow a line from Rick Pitino, Manny Ramirez isn't walking through that door.

Per Jeff Wilson, sources are saying the Rangers are unlikely to call up Manny Ramirez from AAA Round Rock, and they may decide to release him in the next week.

That's not exactly news, I don't think...Ramirez is hitting .269/.347/.418 for Round Rock, and has no defensive value at this point in his career. For those who say, "Call him up, he can't be any worse than who we have up here now," he could be worse than, say, Engel Beltre, the player he'd likely replace on the 25 man roster, and even if you decide you want to call someone up from AAA because they can't be any worse, Manny is hitting worse than Chris McGuiness, Robinson Chirinos, Joey Butler, Jim Adduci and Yangveris Solarte, so you would think he'd be behind them in the "call him up, he can't be any worse" pecking order.