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Is Michael Young coming back to Texas?

A couple of rumors out there suggest the Rangers might be bringing back Michael Young

Jamie Squire

Jeff Passan tweeted earlier today that the Phillies are calling up third baseman Cody Asche from the minor leagues, which suggested that Michael Young was being traded:

The likely destination for Young figured to be either Boston or New York, with the BoSox and Yankees having both expressed interest in acquiring him for the stretch drive.

Now, however, Ken Rosenthal has thrown us a curveball:

So...let's piece this together here...

The Phillies are reportedly calling up a new third baseman from the minors.

Michael Young, their current third baseman, will only approve a trade to Texas.

So...that means Young is being traded to Texas?

Reports the past several days have indicated that the Rangers have no interest in bringing Young back to town.

Still, you never say never, right?