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Passan article suggests Cruz will accept suspension

Jeff Passan's latest article indicates that most of the Biogenesis players -- including Nelson Cruz -- will not appeal suspensions, but will instead start serving them immediately once they are handed down


Jeff Passan has a piece at Yahoo! Sports in which he says the "vast majority" of the players who are being investigated in connection to Biogenesis, and who would be subject to punishment from MLB as a result, "plan on accepting suspensions of at least 50 games."

Passan specifically mentions Ranger outfielder Nelson Cruz as a player who has a power incentive to cut a deal. Cruz is a free agent after the season, and by cutting a deal, he can get his suspension served now and not jeopardize his potential free agency payday by having a suspension that would be served in 2014, and potentially be dealing with a longer suspension.

A Cruz suspension would be another significant blow to a Ranger team that is currently reeling. Suspensions are expected to be announced later this week, and Jon Daniels has indicated that he doesn't expect the Rangers to make a deal to add a position player before Wednesday's trade deadline.

That would leave the Rangers in a situation where they would be trying to catch the Indians and Orioles -- the two teams ahead of them in the race for the second Wild Card spot -- with an outfield consisting of a David Murphy/Jeff Baker platoon in left field, a Craig Gentry/Engel Beltre platoon in center field, Leonys Martin in right field, and Jurickson Profar as the DH.

That's a problematic lineup.

UPDATE -- Jim Bowden has a tweet on the subject: