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Thursday the Fourth Morning Links

Happy Fourth, here's some links.

Rick Yeatts

Anthony Andro has a postgame story, but instead of reading about missed opportunities last night you can look at a picture of the Fox Sports Southwest Girls instead. Drew Davison's recap focuses on Robbie Ross, who had never lost a big league game before last month. Master Tesfatsion's postgame story is not nearly as interesting as his name. And Todd Wills has his rapid reactions and a postgame story about how the Rangers were haunted by a failure to execute.

Proving once again that no hitter can be too old, too crazy, or too Dominican for the Rangers, Manny Ramirez is now in the organization. Evan Grant says, that for the time being, the signing can be nothing but a good thing, a phrase I imagine Adam reading while grinding his teeth as visions of Sideshow Sammy dancing in his head. Tim Cowlishaw says that if history is any guide, Manny's stay with the Rangers will end in tears, though it's worth pointing out that if history is any guide we will all be wiped out in a mass extinction event and a human-less earth will wind it's way down to entropic death. Apparently working on the principle that due diligence is for wussies, the organization did not scout Manny in Taiwan.

Lance Berkman donated a firetruck to West, Texas.

Alexi Ogando is going to make a rehab start this Saturday and Leonys Martin is going to continue to bat near the bottom of the lineup, though you'll be glad to note that Ron Washington is happy with his bunting.

Finally, Jason Everman was kicked out of Nirvana and Soundgarden and went on to a pretty kickass career in the military.