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50-36 - Rangers Close in on Silver Boot Prize, Obliterate Astros to Orbit

The Rangers are now 6-1 against the Houston Astros which means the Astros are the opposite of an extra inning game for Texas

The 2013 Houston Astros in one frame
The 2013 Houston Astros in one frame

The Rangers scored as many runs by the 5th inning tonight as they had scored in their previous 30 or so innings combined. But I'm not mad. This is what you should do against the Astros and now the Rangers are halfway to 100 wins.

Player of the Game: I wanted it to be Nick Tepesch. It should have been Nick Tepesch. But then he got tired after 80 pitches again. Instead, kudos to the trio of Ranger hitters who hit a dong tonight: David Murphy, Nelson Cruz, and Adrian Beltre