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52-37 - Feldmania Busts, Texas Blasts Baltimore to Take Series Opener

The Rangers are now 7-1 in their previous eight road games after beating the Baltimore Orioles tonight

What were you worried about?
What were you worried about?

The Rangers had a difficult bottom of the 4th inning and found themselves down 3-2. Then this happened in the top of the 6th:

Top 6th: Texas
- D. Murphy singled to shallow center
- N. Cruz lined out to center
- A. Beltre singled to left, D. Murphy to second
- A.J. Pierzynski doubled to left, D. Murphy scored, A. Beltre to third
- M. Moreland intentionally walked
- E. Andrus singled to shallow left, A. Beltre scored, A.J. Pierzynski to third, M. Moreland to second
- T. Patton relieved S. Feldman
- E. Beltre singled to shallow right, A.J. Pierzynski scored, M. Moreland to third, E. Andrus to second
- L. Martin grounded into fielder's choice, M. Moreland out at home, E. Andrus to third, E. Beltre to second
- I. Kinsler doubled to deep left, E. Andrus, E. Beltre and L. Martin scored
- D. Murphy grounded out to second

6 runs, 6 hits, 0 errors
Texas 8, Baltimore 3

The Rangers hit so well on the road.

Player of the Game: Road Ian Kinsler does it again!