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Wednesday Morning Links

Meet Alexi Ogando, 2013's Scooter Feldman

Rick Yeatts

Well, we all knew that the good times would come crashing to a halt during an Ogando start, didn't we?

Anthony Andro recaps the game, saying the bright spot was Ogando's pitching and the dark spot was "everything else." Jeff Wilson says that with Colby Lewis done for the year Ogando had to feed his gopher. T.R. Sullivan quotes Ron Washington as paraphrasing an oft-used AJM bon mot, that you aren't going to win to many games when you only score one run. Gerry Fraley looks at some of the offensive missteps and declares the offense is "back to their old habits." Todd Wills' postgame story says the Rangers are going to have to make it work with Ogando as the fifth starter, but it doesn't say it with any enthusiasm.

Of course, the reason the Rangers are going to have to live with Ogando is because Matt Harrison is done for the season.

Also, Manny Ramirez has left the Ranger organization in order to spend more time with his family.

Gil Lebreton apparently never applied to medical school, despite his stellar MCAT's, because of something about Colby Lewis' and Matt Harrison's failure to make it back from injury this season. Presumably the situation involved a time machine and an inappropriately optimistic doctor.

Jeff Wilson's notes column discusses Manny Ramirez being wished the best of luck in his future endeavors, a vague non-update on Lance Berkman, and Colby Lewis having his hip replaced like your Meemaw.

T.R. Sullivan's notes tell us Tepesch and Feliz may be back by September, Nelson Cruz is working out in the Dominican, and has quotes from Adam Rosales being briefly relevant before fading back into obscurity.

Kevin Sherrington looks at what Matt Harrison's setback means for 2013, besides us all offering human sacrifices to the Elder Gods that no further injuries befall the rotation.

Gerry Fraley is frolicking about in small sample sizes. I think we can agree that Kinsler has not done well in the number 3 spot, I don't know that we can agree Kinsler is not doing well because he's in the number 3 spot.

Todd Wills' notes column discusses Harrison, Cruz training in the Dominican, and Lance Berkman apparently still being unable to run.

Finally, scientists have developed a straw to help you locate all the good drinks when you're out stealing cocktails at your favorite nightclub.