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70-52 - Rangers Can't Survive Umpiring Quartet of Doom, Killer Kyle Seager

The Rangers missed a golden opportunity to retake the best record in the American League

May god have mercy on our souls this weekend...
May god have mercy on our souls this weekend...
Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Angel Hernandez on the field. Kyle Seager at the plate. Ron Washington in the dugout. It's the perfect storm for the Rangers to look inept in a game they likely should have won.

Neal Cotts has allowed two home runs this season. Both have come against the Mariners. Both at The Ballpark. Both to give the Mariners a late lead. The Rangers came back to win the other game that Cotts gave up a dong. Unfortunately, tonight, the Rangers couldn't muster another come from behind win despite having their chances.

Player of the Game: Derek Holland pitched seven scoreless innings, but -- like many times this season -- he has nothing to show for it.