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71-52 - Prince Perez Outduels King Felix, Rangers Maul Mariners

Felix Hernandez's 19 career losses against the Rangers is now the most losses by an opposing pitcher in Ranger franchise history

> Felix Hernandez
> Felix Hernandez
Rick Yeatts

The Rangers exchanged the Jon Daniels Four Run Theory for the Put Papa John's On Notice Plan. The Rangers scored five of their 15 runs off of Felix Hernandez. Hernandez allowed those five runs in a single inning where the Rangers batted around against him. In his previous six starts combined, Hernandez allowed a total of five runs.

King Felix is now 0-3 against the Rangers this season and 12-19 for his career.

Player of the Game: Martin Perez settled down -- after he allowed a run in each of the first three innings -- to continue a streak where Ranger starters have allowed four runs or fewer. The streak is now at 20 straight games. That's the longest such streak for the Rangers since 1991.