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Wednesday Morning Links

Hope you like Ross Wolf and Travis Blackley

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Rick Yeatts

Todd Wills has his rapid reactions to last night's staid, workmalike win. T.R. Sullivan's recap says Adrian Beltre is three kinds of awesome.

Anthony Andro says that Matt Garza may possibly have a sense of humor, though I'm not sure I buy the evidence he offers. Given the possibly apocryphal story of the origins of the "bunny ears" as a way to mark someone as a cuckold, maybe Derek Holland should check Nick Tepesch's texts and emails.

There was also the great news yesterday that Alexi Ogando is going back to the DL.

Drew Davison has a notes column at the FWST that discusses Alexi Ogando and notes that rotation help more substantial than that of the Travis Blackley variety is unlikely, and says the organization is hopeful Feliz will be ready when rosters expand September 1.

T.R. Sullivan notes touch on Ogando's shoulder, Feliz hoping to return in September, and A.J. Pierzynski not being bothered by Beltre's intentional walks.

Gerry Fraley says that toolsy prospect Lewis Brinson hit his twentieth homer Monday night, making him the first Ranger prospect at low A with a 20-20 season since 1998.

Todd Wills' notes column says that the Rangers haven't missed Nellie's offense and that we shouldn't be expecting a trade even though Dan Haren and Erik Bedard have both cleared waivers.

Finally, here's a story for those of you that read and enjoyed Isaac Asimov's The Gods Themselves, a proposed experiment that would seek to identify parallel quantum universes through "leaking" energy.