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Martin sits, Rosales plays 1B today

With Leonys Martin out today after injuring his ankle in a collision yesterday, the Rangers are going with an unusual lineup

Brian Kersey

After colliding with David Murphy last night on a 9th inning pop fly, Leonys Martin looked like he might be disabled list down, writhing in pain on the ground for some time.

The x-rays were negative, however, and the word is that Leonys will only miss a game or so.

That does mean that the Rangers, who are facing a lefthanded starter (John Danks) today and don't have Leonys available to play center field, are rolling with an unusual lineup today.  The lineup:

Gentry -- CF

Andrus -- SS

Kinsler -- DH

Beltre -- 3B

Rios -- RF

Baker -- LF

Soto -- C

Profar -- 2B

Rosales -- 1B

Matt Garza is pitching for the Rangers.

Although Wash is going with an exclusively righthanded lineup against the ChiSox today, John Danks has a very slight reverse split allowed (744 OPS by LH hitters, compared to 725 by RH hitters).  Given that Leonys is out and we're in a stretch of lefty pitchers, today might have been a good day to get David Murphy or Mitch Moreland a start.