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Thursday Morning Links

More like Queen Felix, amirite?

Otto Greule Jr

As inevitable as the tides or the sun rising in the East, the Rangers once again totally pwned Felix Hernandez. Jeff Wilson's recap tells us that no other team has beat Hernandez as often as the Rangers. T.R. Sullivan says thatMartin Perez always wanted to emulate Felix, just not the Felix that was pitching today. Gregg Bell has his rapid reactions and a postgame story that focuses on Leonys Martin having a big game, Martin Perez turning into a reliable starter, and Felix saying that he was terrible.

Jeff Wilson's notes column says that Tanner Scheppers and Mitch Moreland thought about letting Humberto Quintero's ninth inning popped up bunt fall to set up a potential triple play, and also that Eric Wedge reviewed the 10th inning balk and agreed with the call and Ron Washington didn't review the play an agreed with the call.

T.R. Sullivan's notes say that the coaching staff has asked Profar to stop angering umpires because that's Kinsler's job, Alexi Ogando being chased off the disabled list by the Soldier in White, and that Tepesch is expected to be activated Monday.

Tom Grieve was on BaD Radio and said he "doesn't do a lot of Twitter."

Evan Grant says that the organization is building a deep bench of relievers that can go multiple innings, that Joe Nathan is only five saves away from triggering a clause in his contract which allows him to reject the Rangers' option for 2014, and that Yu Darvish is tired of all this "ace" talk.

Gregg Bell's notes column tells us that Ron Washington is not intending to rest on his laurels for a host August, electing instead to rest on an enormous pile of chewed sunflower seeds, and that Ogando, Tepesch and Feliz should be returning for September.

Finally, yesterday's link about Fermi's Paradox elicited some discussion about how galactic colonization is not "easy," as in a relativistic universe we are limited in speed. Yesterday's link, however, specifically dealt with colonization at sublight speeds... self-replicating probes could "colonize" the galaxy in 10 million years, a tiny fraction of our galaxy's current age.