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Matt Garza calling out Sogard's wife on Twitter?

Screenshots appear to show Matt Garza hate-tweeting Eric Sogard's wife on Twitter

Thearon W. Henderson

This is weird.

During today's game, after Eric Sogard successfully executed a squeeze play to bring home an insurance run, Matt Garza was apparently angry, with a media member who was there saying that Garza called Sogard a "fucking pussy."

Then this evening, an account that purports to be Matt Garza's Twitter account was sending out some more Sogard hate. The account is protected, and is not verified, so it isn't definitive that this is his account...but at the same time, it is followed by Ken Rosenthal, Buster Olney, and Bob Nightengale, and has over 12K followers, so it appears to be the real deal.

Garza tweets to Kaycee Sogard, Eric Sogard's wife, "tell your wife to speak up so his wife doesn't have to do it for him," then goes on to say she needs to "give your husband his balls back."

Here's a screen cap of some of the tweets.

So, uh...that is unexpected.

Garza tweets were also in the news in April, when he criticized fake fans and excessive negativity from the Cubs' fan base.

Twitter controversy isn't new for the Rangers...last year, after a bad start, when someone hate tweeted Derek Holland, his account responded with "ur a fag." The tweet was deleted and he claimed he was "hacked."

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

UPDATE -- Someone sent me this story from February, which quotes a Garza tweet from this same account in which he provides an update on his health.