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Kinsler on Cruz: "We all love that dude"

Ben Rogers shares a text message from Ian Kinsler, indicating the Ranger players have Nelson Cruz's back

Ronald Martinez

There's been some speculation that the Rangers players would not want Nelson Cruz back on the team when he's eligible to return in the postseason, assuming the Rangers make it that far.

Ian Kinsler texted Ben Rogers and dispelled that notion:

This shouldn't really be a surprise to anyone who has followed the dynamics of this team over the last several years. This is the team that had players publicly come out to Josh Hamilton's first press conference when he came to Texas, supported him publicly after his relapses, and that stood behind Ron Washington after the news broke that he'd tested positive for cocaine.

Kinsler's comments indicate that they view Cruz as one of them, and are going to support him, much like they did Hamilton and Wash previously.