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Kevin Pucetas and the knuckleball

Ranger minor leaguer Kevin Pucetas is spending the final month of the season trying to become a knuckleballer

Tom Szczerbowski

Kevin Pucetas is a 28 year old career minor leaguer, a 17th round pick of the San Francisco Giants in the 2006 draft who signed with the Rangers as a minor league free agent this past offseason, having previously spent time in the minor league systems of the Giants, the Royals, and the Nationals.

Earlier this year, Pucetas started throwing a knuckleball during a start for AA Frisco. has a story about how Pucetas is going to spend the rest of the season at high-A Myrtle Beach, working as a starter and seeing if he can make the conversion to full-time knuckleball pitcher.

The knuckleball is difficult to master, but it will be worth following Pucetas going forward, to see if he can make it to the majors with the pitch.