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Indications are no Rios-to-Texas trade

It appears Alex Rios will not be coming to Texas

Jason Miller

As was discussed yesterday, the Rangers have claimed Chicago White Sox outfielder Alex Rios on revocable waivers.  The White Sox have until noon today to work out a trade for Rios, let Rios go to Texas for the $25,000 waiver fee, or pull him back off of waivers.

The indications from the writers on Twitter seem to be that Rios will not land in Texas.  Jim Bowden tweeted that a source involved in the negotiations described the chances of a deal happening as "smaller than a bread basket," while T.R. Sullivan just tweeted that major league sources don't see a deal occurring.

The Rangers and ChiSox reportedly talked about a Rios deal before the deadline, but didn't come close, and while the Rangers are clearly willing to take on Rios and his contract, they don't appear willing to kick in any significant prospects to get a deal done.  Chicago, meanwhile, appears to be taking the stance that they don't want to just give Rios away.  Realistically, they probably will look to shop Rios again in the winter, in the hopes that a team in need of an outfielder for the 2014 season would be willing to part with a decent prospect or two.