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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The latest news and notes on the Rangers never scoring

Pictured: Not a member of the Rangers' lineup
Pictured: Not a member of the Rangers' lineup
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when Yu Darvish starts were fun? "Yuesday" and all that. Now Yu Darvish starts are only frustrating because either Darvish isn't perfect and people come up with reasons to dislike him for not being perfect or he's pretty damn perfect and the offense doesn't score any runs. I'm really upset with the other 24 Texas Rangers for making it difficult to enjoy Yu Darvish starts. This shouldn't be a thing.

The good news is, the last time a Ranger ace had regular season starts that became a frustrating endeavor filled with misplaced expectations was when Cliff Lee was here for half a season. Then, you know, October came around.

Then again, these Rangers have to get to October first.

Todd Wills has the Rapid Reaction to the Rangers once again crapping the bed fantastically in support of Yu Darvish last night.

Anthony Andro saves me the trouble by succinctly writing, Darvish good, offense bad as Pirates blank Rangers.

T.R. Sullivan's game story is about how Yu Darvish's best wasn't good enough because he unfortunately plays for the Texas Rangers.

Jeff Wilson's recap notes that Darvish left the game after the fateful 7th inning due to leg cramps. Darvish and Ron Washington both say that it was more of a precautionary measure, however, and that he should be fine for his next start where the Rangers won't score any runs for him.

Because Wills knows that folks will be aching to, he is forced to write an article with the headline: "Don't put this loss on Darvish."

How about some morning links within your Morning Links? Here are a bunch of updates this morning from the DMN, with stories about the Rangers slumping, an update on Masahiro Tanaka, and every Gerry Fraley article in between.

Sullivan's Notebook covers a few things but mostly covers the Rangers considering using Alexi Ogando in the rotation again this season even though that seems silly. I really don't know why the Rangers insist on 93 mph sort of just kind of average starter, easily breakable, Ogando over 98 mph set-up relief god mode Ogando.

Drew Davison has notes on A.J. Pierzynski downplaying his on-mound argument with Yu Darvish last week, a lineup update, some stuff from Clint Hurdle, and other items.

Buried within an article about Derek Jeter, Ken Rosenthal writes about the offense-poor Rangers potentially eyeing soon-to-be free agents Jacoby Ellsbury and Brian McCann this offseason.'s Cash Kruth previews tonight's game where Martin Perez goes for the Rangers so they should be able to score runs even though they'll be facing Francisco Liriano. 'Teen's just good like that.