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Wednesday Morning Links

Miracle Max says the Ranger offense is only MOSTLY dead.

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Andro's postgame story says the Rangers offense continues to sputter, though he observes last night's "not enough" from the batters was better than the "none" we've seen lately. Jeff Wilson has a recap and postgame quotes from Washington and Pierzynski about how they just have to keep battling. T.R. Sullivan labels Adrian Beltre's 2-for-his-last-24 with runners in scoring position "stunning," which I guess means we've finally moved on from Yu Darvish on the Wheel of Heaping Scorn Upon Players Not Really Deserving of Such Opprobrium. Gerry Fraley points the finger of blame squarely where it belongs: on Jeff Baker. Todd Wills has a rapid reaction and a celebration of the Rangers' September inadequacies, which have been legion.

Todd Wills' notes column tells us that Washington has put the DH spot on "shuffle," Garza needs to buckle down and not give up 5 runs after being staked to a 3 run lead, that Tepesch will likely be starting Tuesday in Tampa. Dr. Ron Washington diagnosed the offense's problems on 103.3 Tuesday, and apparently the problem is that they're not scoring enough runs.

Over at the DMN, Gerry Fraley said that Ron Washington went looking for "lightning in a bottle" last night but all he apparently found was Joey Butler. Fraley also has some comments on the 2014 schedule, and that the Rangers won't have to face Houston rookie Jarred Cosart in the final week of the season because the Astros have shut him down.

T.R. Sullivan's notebook wonders if Cruz will be on the Rangers playoff roster should that be necessary, and the Magic 8 Ball points to "yes." Also, Marlon Byrd thinks Cruz can rebound from his 50 game suspension provided he follows the safest career path for aging outfielders with huge, terrifying age declines looming in front of them: signing a large guaranteed contract with Anaheim.